<![CDATA[TOITOIGENETICS.COM - FATTY\'S BLOG]]>Mon, 23 May 2022 16:51:43 +0100Weebly<![CDATA[I'mmmm back ........]]>Sun, 23 Jan 2022 08:02:28 GMThttp://toitoigenetics.com/fattys-blog/immmm-backAnother week down and nearing the end of January.   How did that. happen........

I have had a hair cut and all trimmed up now in prep for the wedding in a couple of weeks.   Wasn't that 

happy really as it then turned cold at night in particular so had to snuggle into my bed of straw.   It's 

quite good actually because when I feel like snacking, I can just eat my bed rather than lug myself over 

to the hay rack.   The straw we have now is quite yummy to be fair.   Ohhhhh.  my adoptive dad, Brent, 

brought some more grain...   well all I can say is yuck.   I am sneaky though, because I can flick out my 

favourite nuts. that I loved as a baby calf and I eat those and leave the new grain behind.   I do feel. a bit 

peckish sometimes but I have lots of hay to eat so really not that much of a hardship.

The funny thing is Mum and Dad. can tell if I am not. well because if I don't eat my baby. calf nuts then I

must be feeling really. unwell.   LOL.

Oh, Dad went and meet with the lady getting married for the riding instructions. and. where I am allowed

to go at the castle.   This is not my first rodeo.   Maybe my first wedding but I know how to parade and  

show myself off.   Apparently there are going to be kids there so that will be fun.   I like kids.... not to eat

but just to hang with.   I am a gentle giant, as I must look like that. to a little one.   My big fluffy ears and

large body I have had three calves you know.   Hard to maintain a svelte figure. like mine you know!!!

Anyway, had better dash, it's Sunday now and I need a snoozey.

Ciao for now.

Fatty xxx

<![CDATA[Me, glorious me....]]>Sat, 15 Jan 2022 08:16:40 GMThttp://toitoigenetics.com/fattys-blog/me-glorious-me.Yo bro....... I am back.   I am thinking I will do this weekly as I am busy eating and pooing.  I

hope you will enjoy my little tale.   I have a lovely long tail, well when washed and brushed.  At

the moment it is very dirty.


Oh, exciting news, I have been invited to a wedding.   A lovely lady is getting married in 

February at Rowton Castle and wanted a cow in her photos.  Have to laugh as Mum and Dad

aren't invited but they have to come so I don't eat the wedding cake and poo over the bride's

dress.   However, I've got this........   I know how to turn it on so that people love me.   But I am 

excited to be fair.   A day out.   My daughter, My Mums a Prima Donna (aka Skinny) can't

come because while the guests are loving me, she would be definitely be eating the cake 

and probably the garden.   She's a bit like a tornado.  I am getting glammed up over the next

week or two, washed, clipped (having a hair cut), pedicure, it's what I image it is like being in 

Hollywood but better.    shall keep you updated with progress.  

Next week I won't digress and get back to the history of me.   Love ya.   

​Fatty  xxx

<![CDATA[HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!]]>Fri, 31 Dec 2021 10:00:03 GMThttp://toitoigenetics.com/fattys-blog/swissies4me
Happy New Year to you and me from the fantastic swissies!

et me introduce myself.   I am Kedar Aurora, aka Fatty.  It is a term of endearment given to me from my human

adoptive parents.   Ironically I am the skinniest down on the farm. I am a 
4 year old Brown Swiss cow, never

married but had three baby calves.   Sorry to say that they 
are all to different Dads and they all have very

different personalities.   You will get to meet 
them later.  At the moment it is all about me.


As we welcome in a new year, I decided to write a light hearted blog of my life's journey, mainly about me and my

barnyard mates.   Nothing serious, nothing offensive, just a bit of fun.   


Shall I introduce myself.   I was born at Kedar farm on the 7 February 2017 and lived in a barn with many other

Brown Swiss, owned by Jonny Lochhead and family, based in 
Scotland.   However, it was decided that I would be

sold.  Not sure what I did to deserve that 
but any whoooo.   


I was told these random people were turning up one early evening for a "sneaky preview", not so sneaky to be fair.

The guy was very talkative like he knew what he was raving on about.  
They sounded very weird to me as I was

use to the Scottish accent but was later informed 
they were Kiwi's.   I thought Kiwi was a fruit, green and could be

eaten.  Yummo, food glorious 
food.  One of my favourite topics!

I didn't end up going to the sale in the end........ oh gotta go, food coming and possible huggles.

Bonsoir with love

Fatty  xxx

PS sometimes I pretend I can speak French.